Supreme Black double heart, Design 194, with our carving Design V1817. Flat carved wedding bands and flowers. Imperial Pink offset double heart, Design 503, with our carving Design V121. Flat carved wedding bands and birds. Mahogany rock pitched single heart, Design 193, with our carving Design V91. Flat carved flowers and cross.India Red rock pitched single heart, Design 193, with our carving Design V229. Flat carved deer with trees.American Black rock pitched double heart, Design 194, with carving Design V115. Shape carved deluxe roses.Imperial Pink offset double heart, Design 164. Flat carved grapes and leaves.India Red single heart with two smaller inset hearts, Design 115. Shape carved single rose and leaves.India Red all polished double heart design with a raised family name scroll  and raised and rounded hearts. Shape carved deluxe rose carving.Goldstar Black single heart special shape Design 252. Flat carved cross, flowers and family name scroll.Supreme Black single heart slant Design 641. Shape Carved Roses surrounding raised face of heart.India Red offset double heart Design 116. Shape carved deluxe rose.Supreme Black Design 639. Flat top stone featuring a cut thru heart design.Catseye single heart, Design 628. Fat carved ivy sandblast design.India Red single heart with cross, Design 271. Flat carved ivy design on cross.India Red Design 608. Single Heart being held by sculpted hands with sculpted flowers.Imp Gray Design 614. Single heart with sculpted flowers up both sides.Imperial Pink offset double heart Design 646. Hand scultped rose in smaller heart.Impala Black custom single heart design with color hand etched birds.Imperial Gray single heart Bench 14. Shape carved rose floral carving.Bahama Blue single heart Bench 7. Flat carved floral design.Supreme Black double heart Design 609 with sculpted flowers.India Red single heart Design 150. Shape carved rose floral design.Imperial Pink double heart Design 272. Flat carved floral design with family name panel.Imperial Pink single heart Design 541 with sculpted angel.
Heart Shaped Designs