Special Shape Designs
North American Pink Design 117, with our carving Design V1831. Deluxe shape carved roses with flat carved hands. Mahogany special shape die with our carving V1914. Flat carved flowers.Taj Aurora Design 186. Special shape die with chamfers on face, deluxe shape carved rose.Paradiso Design 517. Teardrop shape with cross..Blue Pearl Design 509. All Polished, teardrop shaped monument.Supreme Black Design 153. Open book top die with flat carved flowers and crosses.Bahama Blue Design 100. Open book top die with rounded ends and an etched floral design.Goldstar Black Design 189. French curve with chamfers on the face. Goldleaf cross and flowers.Imperial Pink Design 211, Book of Life.Gray special shape die with our carving V1905. Deluxe shape carved rose.Supreme Black Rock Design. Special shape die with custom rock work.Bahama Blue Design 306. Oval shape with groove around face.Supreme Black Slant Design 175. Scroll face slant design. India Red Slant Design 247. Special shape slant with chamfers on face. Supreme Black Slant Design 137. Special shape slant with set back areas on ends.India Red Slant Design 135. Open face book slant.Supreme Black Design 644. Special star shaped monument.Goldstar Black Design 149. Special shape with chamfers on face. Goldleaf cross and flat carved flowers.Supreme Black Design 626. Special shape with etched cross and flowers.Supreme Black Design 274. Special shape with rounded end and etched angel.Supreme Black Design 395. Flat top die with scalloped edges and polished scroll on face.Bahama Blue Design 370. Special shape with a cut thru design.Bahama Blue Design 382. Teardrop shape with raised teardrop on face.Catseye Red Design 384. Special shape with grooved raised areas.Gray Child Angel 1 Design. Special shape monument of a child angel with a flat carved child angel sandblasted on front.Supreme Black Child Angel 1 Design. Special shape monument of a child angel with an etched child angel on front.