Other Memorial Products
Gray CR 1 Design. Two niche columbarium with fluted columns.Gray CR2 Design. Two niche columbarium with an area for a vase.Gray CR3 Design. Four niche columbarium with an area for a vase in the center.Gray CR4 Design. Four niche columbarium.Gray CR5 Design. Cremation bench with removable shutter.Supreme Black CR6 Design. Two niche cremation monument.Gray CR7 Design. Cremation slant with two urns for cremains.Gray bench with back.View of the back of the bench with back design.White Marble Bench 1 Design. Straight Seat with straight legs.India Red Bench 2 Design. Straight seat with curved legs.Supreme Black Bench 4 Design. Curved seat with curved legs.India Red Bench Design 392. Special shape die, notched to accept seat. Rounded end on seat and base.Mahogany Bench 9 Design. Polished seat with two rock pitch supports.Bahama Blue Bench 8 Design. Special shape die with support and seat.Imperial Gray single heart Bench 14. Shape carved rose floral carving.Bahama Blue single heart Bench 7. Flat carved floral design.Supreme Black Bench 10 Design. Polished seat with rock pitched support. Polished area recessed into pitch.Supreme Black Bench 11 Design.Gray Bench 16 Design. Rounded seat, fluted column and leg.Black Mist Bench 17 Design. Pedestal and round leg support.Supreme Black Rose Bench Design. Special shape die with handcarved rose in heart.Blue Pearl one piece Bench 18 Design.Bahama Blue Bench 15 Design. Straight seat with supports that have planter holes.Supreme Black Teardrop Bench Design. Tear drop die notched to accept bench seat.Supreme Black Bench 19 Design. All Polished seat with rock pedestal design with a polished area for engraving.Gray Bench 20 Design. Kidney shaped seat with round rock pitch supports.Assorted Cremation UrnsSupreme Black Urn #3. Straight sides with hand etched angel.Supreme Black Urn #2. Tapered sides with hand etched deer.Supreme Black Urn #2. Tapered sides with hand etched praying hands.Imperial Pink Urn #3. Straight sides with carved rose.Assorted Turned Vases